Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Wedding and Family

We went to a family wedding a couple weekends ago and had lots of fun.  The Bride and Groom are so cute together and they had a gorgeous wedding.  I love family time at weddings.  It's so much fun!

Here's the lovely Bride and Groom...and My sis in law as the bridesmaid.

Here's some decor...

And some family pics. 

Justin and I

Have a good day


  1. such a cute picture of you and justin!

  2. you and your sisters look SO much alike! i keep forgetting emily is your sister-in-law. she's so fun. and i love your outfit! :)

  3. Thank you gals. People do say we look a lot alike. They are some pretty amazing girls! I'm so blessed

  4. Beautiful photos captured. I like it so much!