Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Drapery Decisions

Our house still in a mess.  We've almost been here three weeks already! I can't believe it.  It's not easy for me to focus on one project at a time, and to be honest, I don't really know which one I'm on now.  I get so side tracked.  But we do have some pretty ugly curtains up in a few of our rooms that kinda urk me every time I walk in.  Here are the ones in Justin's Office right now.

They don't look too bad in this picture,but without the lovely sunlight shining through, the colors are not good at all!
So I've been looking for drapery fabric ideas for several rooms in the house.  I think I already have what I'm using for his office, but I still need to decide on the dining room, living room and bedroom eventually.  Here are a few fun prints I like.


A little off topic, but I've thought it would be neat to make a duvet cover too.  I came across this one.  I love the design!  It looks like Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie!  

Enjoy your Wednesday.


  1. Don't worry, my husband and I have been in our place for about 3 [months] and I'm still putting things where I think I want them. Then move them a week later. And there is a pile of framed art on my floor that I have yet to hang up..No rush! :) I looove the third pattern from the top - those colors are gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Joy. I know, I have to remind myself that this house is going to be a lifetime of little projects! But it's fun. I just checked out your blog too. Cute!