Friday, June 10, 2011

Filling Your Walls

I'm the worst at deciding where to hang what in our house!  I think I just have too many crazy ideas that I don't ever know where to start.  I would have nail holes all over the house if I tried everything that popped into my head.  SO...I'm trying to be more careful this time around.  I have still only hung the clock in our kitchen and now some hooks in our bathroom.  Anyways, here's some fun inspiration I found for color on the walls.

My favorites are the tiny polaroids above the fireplace and the chartreuse mirror!  So fun.
Hope you enjoyed.

Have a great Weekend.,,,,


  1. I love the ceiling medallions and that mirror is gorgeous!

  2. This was SO fun to read! I'm also trying to fill my walls right now, thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. Love the yellows in the first picture, the rug in the 5th picture, and the big yellow couch! :) THings I never knew I needed so much! haha