A Little About Me

I am blessed to be part of a big family. My parents have been married for over thirty years.  I have three brothers and two sisters.  My oldest brother married one of my best friends and they have our very first nephew of the family.... (he's not spoiled).  They have all influenced me in huge ways.  My parents encouraged me to go to college, where I received my Studio Art Degree. Soon after college, in July of 2008, I married my elementary sweetheart, Justin. I gained two more amazing sisters, a brother, and some very great in-laws.

We were able to rent a little farm house for two and a half years from Justin's Grandparents. His family calls it "the weaning house."  It's a darling little house that sits in the middle of his Grandparent's dairy farm. The farm has been in the family for nearly a century! Meme and Papa have graciously allowed many newlyweds to get a head start on their first home purchase. We were so blessed.

We recently bought our first home.  We are so thankful to have the opportunity to do so. We are both so happy where we are.  It is in the "city" in my mind, but it's still just a neighborhood in the country. We were surprised to see cows in the field behind our yard after we moved in.  We felt right at home. We are enjoying time together and all that life brings. God is so good. No matter what.

I love that you are here! I am excited to share ideas with you. I hope you'll share some with me too.