Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Pack Rat

I love old furniture.  It has so much character and potential.  I was visiting my Grandma a few weekends ago with my fam and we had to go to this double decker flea market that we've had our eye on every time we visit.  It's called The Pack Rat.  Love the name. It really was packed with stuff from wall to wall.  There was a whole room with cute furniture. I wanted everything but settled for a $4 chair.

I just redid it a few days ago.  I just wanted you to know how incredibly easy it is! And cheap! I spent about $4 on the fabric and a couple on a can of spray paint.  So for $10 bucks, you get a cute chair and a super fun experience!   

Oh, and I found the pillow at another one of my Grandma's small town thrift stores for a buck.  So fun!                                                                           

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Dress Photo Shoot

Well I've been trying to get these photos taken for a while now. Thanks to my husband, sister in law, Sarah, and her friend Lauren, we got some pics finally!  It was fun shooting with them. They are both gorgeous and make my stuff look good.  Thanks guys.