Monday, September 27, 2010

Old Luggage Make-over

 I found this super fun vintage case the other day while thrifting. I've never seen one quite like it before. I actually still don't really know what it if anyone does, let me know!  I had some ideas of how to spice it up so I had to get it.  It was such a unique little storage box. I thought I'd share my little craft with you. 

Supplies you need:

1 fun storage container ( hat box, luggage, etc.)
scrap fabric
hot glue gun
a pen for tracing
...and a little bit of time

1) Collect some cute fabrics and get your adorable old luggage out.
 2) Cut out your fabrics in the design that you want
3) Lay them out on your luggage the way you want them before you begin gluing.

 4)  Glue your fabrics down with the hot glue gun.

 5)  If you want to cover the inside, it can add a lot of fun color...or cover up stains.

 -Trace the outside of your luggage to get the overall shape.
 -You may have to do some extra trimming to make it fit just right.
 -Begin gluing, starting from one end, working out the wrinkles as you go.
... Wa La!


Easy as pie!
I hope you make's lots of fun.  I'd love to see yours too!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Lord Wedding

I had the privilege of helping my good friends, Hanna & Evan with the flowers at their wedding.  My mom and I got to work together on them which was really fun.

Their ceremony was outside of a barn and the reception was in the barn. It was absolutely adorable! Hanna has such good taste it made arranging the flowers so fun.  They wanted blueberries in the fun is that!  It was so perfect because a local blueberry patch let us come and pick all the green berries we wanted.  We also got to put some tiny green apples in some of the arrangements.

Sharon Taylor is one of the masterminds behind the decorating, along with many others.  Hanna's family is all so creative and I know a lot of love and care went into this wedding.  Here are a few pics ( mainly of the flowers)  You can go to Sharon's blog to see lots more.

Photos by:  Jamie Wynn 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cookie Dough and Cards

My good friend Sarah came over for a night of card-making goodness.  We had lots of fun getting all our goodies out.  She had so many dainty little things that made card-making so fun.  We swapped goods (which always makes things a little more exciting), broke out the cookie dough and got to work.

Sarah has such a gift.  She came up with some of the neatest ideas.  Thanks Sarah for inspiring me=)

Here are a few of Sarah's lovely creations...

 I got on a Christmas kick for some reason.  I guess the cool weather got to me.