Friday, July 30, 2010

Ahhh decorating...

For some reason, I've been getting decorating fever again.  I get excited about buying a house someday and getting fun furniture and accessories.  Too bad all of that takes money!  It's fun to look until then.  Here are a few things I like from Urban Outfitters.

Cutest laundry bag ever...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wedding Bliss

Loving working with Sharon on weddings.  She has so many fun ideas...and they just keep coming!  Here are a few pics I shot for fun from the most recent July wedding. I'll post more from the June Wedding soon.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Weddings

So, I've been busy working on my clothing and bags for my RVA submissions.  It's been so fun.  I can't wait to show you it all when I get done!

I'm also super excited about having the opportunity to help out with some weddings this summer.  I had the opportunity to help Sharon Taylor a few weekends ago at a wedding at the Firehouse.  I did the flowers for the reception tables and got to help with set-up/a little decor.  It was super fun working with Sharon.  She is SO talented!  She has a very unique style that I love.

One thing I was really impressed with is how well she was able to let others help her.  I know it's hard to pass things on when you know exactly how it should look.  I have a hard time with that myself.  But she was great at it.  I feel honored to be able to work alongside her.

I don't have any pictures from the wedding I helped with yet, but here are some of Sharon's Amazing designs.  She does events and interiors as well.  Pics found here: (

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dreamy Patios

There's just something about sitting on the patio in the summer that makes your day a little happier.  I love sitting on our porch and watching the trees blow in the wind and feeling the sun and the breeze on my face.  A friend just said the other day, "sunshine really is good for the soul."  It is so true...everybody needs it.

Someday I want a really big porch with lots of fun furniture and plants everywhere.  As Justin and I always say, "someday"....  ( Not that we are unhappy with where we are at, it's just fun to think about the future.)

Here's a few fun patios pics I found...

I love these pieces of furniture!  I mean how could your porch not look good?

Toss some fun pillows on...

Grab a snack and make some home-made lemonade!

Don't forget the ferns. They make this porch look so dreamy!

Enjoy the sunshine!