Sunday, April 1, 2012

DIY Baby Headbands

Good morning!  It was a great weekend and I am ready to get back to working full force on my pillows!  I am in the schedule again for this week to get a few more things printed!  I'm really excited!  I just need to nail down a few more designs.  Until then...I wanted to share this:

Headband DIY:

We recently got to see our friend's brand new baby girl.  She is a doll!  So pretty.  We are so happy for them.  I made some little bows from some vintage fabrics I've been saving up for something special.

I love making these because they are super easy and are such a transformation. I got my headbands at a local children's resale shop. They are usually in really good shape and lots cheaper than buying new...since you're tearing them apart anyways!  I spent $1.50 for all three headbands. (plus the cost of the fabric and thread you use to re-do them...but since I have TONS of that it was free for me;)  ) start by taking apart the headbands you have.  The bows on the bands that I got were just hot glued on so they came off pretty easily.

You'll need a small rectangle piece of fabric, (about 3 inches by 2 inches when doubled over).  This will be the bow once you sew it, flip it, and since the center.

Once you have sewn this small rectangle, flip it right side out.

Take a small piece of ribbon or fabric (can sew in seams if you like)  and cut it long enough to fit around the synched form a bow. (leave a little extra room to wrap around the headband too)

Next, sew the small piece around the bow and headband and tuck the raw end in so that there are no unfinished edges.  Sew and knot!  That's it!  All finished!

I hope this was helpful.  Have fun with it and I would love to see yours if you make them!

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