Monday, June 20, 2011

Fuschia Bathroom

I had to paint over that yuk green color fast.  Becky said she'd help me....AGAIN.  I don't know what I'd do without her!  I am still staring at the bathroom though wondering why I can't just pick a NORMAL color.  I wanted bold and I got BOLD.  It's fun for now, craziness and all.

>>> I'm now deciding on whether or not to do the hand painted print on these walls.  I think it might help tone it down a bit, but I don't know if I want to spend so much time painting something when I'm not sure about the base color.  I might just wait on that part. <<<

Oh, and we went to a flea-market close to our house and found a few little treasures for decor.  I spent a total of $7 in this bathroom for decor. I got the shelf, the three pictures, and the bell tree (my favorite).  Here's a few pics.

Oh, and the little decor on the mirror is just paper, buttons and feathers. It was Becky's idea to put it on the mirror and I thought it was so fun!  Thanks Becky for all your help!

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!


  1. Oh, Perfect! I love it!! Cutest color yet!

  2. It's soo bold but I love it! And I really like the thing around the mirror, I just might have to make one!

  3. i happen to like the color a lot! and flea markets in springfield are great.. huh? :)

  4. May I ask what kind of paper is on the garland? That is to cute!! Wonderful job!

  5. thank you guys! Amanda, it's handmade pressed paper I got a long time ago. It has lots of neat texture and rips really neat too. I'm sure you could get something similar at hobby lobby or an art store.