Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin Daze Booth

So I've always wanted to try doing a craft booth.  My cousin Kara asked me about a month ago to do one with her.   We were so excited.  It was like we were finally gonna get to have our own shop...for a day.

Anyway...the day finally came, this past Saturday.  I loaded my car with all the goodies and ventured out in the dark morning fog to meet Kara.  (don't forget it's STILL dark out!)  Main street was only a couple minutes from her house...we were almost there.   I heard a noise, and lo and behold...I was being pulled over for the first time ever.  I suppose he was just doing his job, but I was not too happy about my slightly heafty ticket that I received for expired plates.

I tried not to let it ruin my day.  We got to our spot and Set up the tent (with help from Aunt Lynn and Uncle Stan...Thank you!)   It turned out looking really cute and super colorful.  We had lots of fun and learned lots about being shop owners ...for a day.  I had lots of fun with Kara and loved all the adorable things she made!  She is so talented.  She calls her line "dee dah" (idea taken from her little girl who sings those words cute)

...oh, and my mom made the adorable hair clips you see in the green frame below.  If anyone wants one...let me know.  She is selling them...all are completely unique!

Thanks to all who stopped by!  We hope you enjoyed...