Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Office Curtains...Check

I have a fun story for you!  Remember the man at the Fabric Outlet I told you about who let me just take a whole bolt of fabric home to see if I liked It?  Well I did and today I went back to pay for it.  When I walked in, he said, "You came back!"  Then he told me that for being honest, he wanted me to have the fabric for free!  We're talking about seven yards of fabric!  I couldn't believe it!  I kept telling him I wanted to pay for it, but he wouldn't let me.  He made my day!  I tell you this so that you will go in and support this very nice man, Joe, at the Fabric Outlet on Glenstone!  I'm not saying he will be giving fabric away=), but he is always super nice, and I love supporting his local business.

So, now I get to check something else off of my mental list! Like I said, the curtains in Justin's office were just glaring at me every time I walked in, so I had to take care of them fast!  I finished them yesterday and am really excited about how they turned out.  I was a little worried about the color in the room being too monochromatic, but I think It's going to be really fun to be able to change out color on the walls more often.  

Here are the finished curtains... 

On the left is what the fabric looks like when the sun shines through. The right is without any back-lighting.  They look completely different with sun!

 Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great Tuesday.


  1. THAT looks SOOO good, Kendra! Love how the whole room is looking. The floors are gleaming and the light looks great thru that big window. Your drapes make me know that I need to sew up some drapes right away!

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