Friday, June 24, 2011

How to choose a TV Stand

We have been using a dresser for our tv stand as a fill in until we find the one we want. It's been a tough choice for me for some reason.  Justin wants functionality and I want cute.  I think he has the better argument here, but it's still a tough one to sometimes mix the two.  I'm trying to find something with some open shelving and some closed to hide cords, movies, remotes, etc.

Here are a few I've come across.  I like parts about all of them.

I know this isn't a t.v. stand, but I was just telling Justin it could be neat to have a whole built-in on one wall to hide the t.v. when we weren't using it.  Something like this could be really neat.  I LOVE this room!

I like the shape of this black piece, long and skinny.  I think it would be so fun a bold color and with some new hardware.

 Again, painted a bright color would be so cute

 Love the slide-doors for easy access and the drawers for storage.

 Hopefully we can decide soon.  I've been looking since last January and still no luck!

Have an awesome weekend. See ya next week,,,,,,

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