Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little things I like

Here's just a few things I like lately.  I hope you are inspired.

#1   This awesome vintage floral wing-back.

#2    Pops of color on white

#3   Gold Accents

#4   Sheer curtains.  ( I think I'm going to do sheer white in our living room.  My mom encouraged me that it would help it look more fresh and open.  I went by the store today and picked up a big bolt!  I'm excited to see how they turn out.) 

#5   This Graphic

#6  This vintage sewing machine

I hope your week is going well.  We have been doing VBS all week at church.  I'm getting to help with crafts and it has been crazy fun!  All the kids are so creative.  I feel inspired by them...

Thanks for stopping by



  1. Those colors are so pretty Kendra! I love your posts, they are always inspiring and cheery!

  2. So inspiring! LOVE your style!