Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kitchen Curtains

I made the kitchen curtain yesterday.  I don't ever know how I want to hang curtains over the kitchen sink.  It seems like there are so many ways.  I'll probably still make another little curtain panel with some cute trim to go on top of the window.  I like the look of two small ones.

Here's what I have so far.

It's nothing too fancy. Just simple.  Oh, and here's the start of my new sewing space.  I'm excited to paint my sewing desk.  I put a coat of primer on it and am still deciding on a color.  I kinda want to go bold with the color.  My cousin April said I should do yellow.  I'm thinking I might go with that. Yellow and gray are really fun together.  We'll see when we get to that! 


  1. that table is the cutest! i agree with the choice of yellow, the combination of yellow & gray is one of my favourites. can't wait for pictures of the finished product!

  2. I like your curtain. It looks nice in this colour. I think you have a good seance of humour about such kind of thing.

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