Monday, April 23, 2012

Striped Wall

My sister in law came over the other evening and gave me lots of fun ideas for our house.  I guess it just takes someone else sometimes to get you motivated to do some things that you've been too afraid to do.  I LOVE color. I love fun. I love out of the ordinary, non matching, eclectic style. Sarah helped motivate me to add a little of the color part to our home. I have been afraid of messing up, but it's just paint right?

I also love these bold stripes in grey and white. I'd like to do one wall like this in our living room. I have a can of grey from our office that I think would it wouldn't cost anything!

Sarah also suggested painting a really fun color on the entry way wall and changing out the light.  I've been wanting to do that since we moved in...but you know how it goes.  Everything takes time...and money.   Here's what it looks like now.


This room kinda reminds me of our dining room layout.  I love these fun bold colors and the airy chandelier.


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