Thursday, April 12, 2012

$6 Toms Look-A-Likes

I know Toms are a big thing right now...and I'm glad they are because they help support a great cause.  I'm not trying to take any business away from them, but I found these fun flats at Dollar General the other day. They are really comfy and REALLY cheap!

I got these for $6.  They have them in black, glitter silver, and grey like mine.  They might have more options too...but those were my favs.  Hope you can go and get some!

Have a great Friday!


  1. i love these!! definitely gonna go see if i can find a pair today!

  2. yay! I hope you do. I'd love to know which ones you get=)

  3. Super cute, did they have black glitter or just silver glitter ones?

  4. I have a red pair just like that. I got it at Cato, which you can find in any big enough town or city, for 15$. I washed them, and they did not shrink either.