Thursday, April 26, 2012

My New Sewing Space!

Here is what I've done so for now in my sewing space. It is a really big improvement from what it was before. It's just lots more organized and clean!  I love it.

I worked in here today trying to figure out my new serger.  I thought I could remember how to thread it and what tensions to set it on...but of course not!  It took me back MANY years when I first learned the sewing machine. I would get so mad at it any time something went wrong.

I reminded myself that I conquered that with help, and I will conquer the serger too. I called the place where I got it and signed right up for a class. They don't offer one until next month though, so I'll do as much figuring out until then.

My new rolly chair!

The finished pegboard.  I am loving the simplicity of it. I know right where everything is and it's only a reach away.

See how we made the pegboard here.

I got these little metal buckets at hobby lobby.  I think they were only about a dollar a piece. Amazon has several different options for pegboard hardware. That's where I ordered mine from.

I'm so excited to have a clean, organized space with places to put things.  That is the biggest help.  I can't wait to get to sewing on all my pillows!  I have lots of work to do.


  1. WHERE OH WHERE is your chair from??!??!?! It is amazing. The whole room is fab. Lucky girl.

  2. Thanks Krista. I got the chair off of Amazon. My husband actually got it for me. It is really fun. I am super blessed. I love the new space. I saw your blog...really fun!

  3. Love it! It takes a lot of work to get a sewing room neat and organized and hardly no time to make it messy! Funny how that works!