Monday, April 2, 2012

Lilacs...The Sweetest Spring Aroma

I love lilacs! It's funny how you really start to notice things later on in life. My parents have lilacs at their house and all growing up, I don't think I realized how incredibly beautiful they were.  I have been appreciate the little things more this spring. There is so much beauty in just one tiny petal!  Take time to really look!  It's incredible.

We went over to my parent's for lunch on Sunday and Mom let me take a bundle home.  I LOVE the smell! I have them in our kitchen.  They are so gorgeous!

You know what else I've noticed about God's creation lately?  Well..being an artist, I love color combinations.  I don't like when everything matches PERFECTLY, but i love different hues and colors that work well together.  I was just looking at the sky the other day and the trees and the flowers budding and guess what...there was not ONE color out of place. SO many colors...but all blended beautifully together.  It really is amazing. He truly is the Master Artist!

I hope you are enjoying the spring flowers as much as I am.  Pick some a bring them inside too!  They really cheer up the place=)

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