Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Living Room: Creating Height

Happy Tuesday!  Hope you're enjoying it so far.  I wanted share a little decor tip with you today.  I have had the hardest time in our living room and dining room with knowing how to decorate and fill the space. I LOVE our tall ceilings and am so thankful we have them, but they are a bit of a challenge.

I've been wanting to get a book shelf for the living room to help fill one wall. All we had were short decor pieces; an end table, the couch and a little entry table/cabinet.  I had been looking and looking here in town for a nice one, but just hadn't been able to find one in good shape for a reasonable price.  

I got this shelf in Chicago at IKEA. Yes...we drove it all the way from Chicago to Springfield.  It was in a box, but a long one that barely fit in my mom's van. My poor sisters willingly agreed to let me try and take it home. We all rotated sleeping under and around the thing the whole way back. Thanks K&K...I will always remember our trip when I look at the shelf =) 

I have such a hard time spending money on things like this but it was worth it.  It really does fill the space and helps it to feel so much homier.  I am really glad I was able to get it...and I'm glad I waited to find the right one. Ahhhh, patience.  Such a hard thing sometimes... 

Now I need to figure out what kind of art to hang on the wall beside it above the couch. It is a bit bare.  I have some framed fabric right now, but the wall needs some BIG tall art. I have a few ideas, it's just down to finding them again...

I really like the look of a lot of frames together to make one big piece of art. Like this...

 I'm thinking some simple and modern frames with some really old family pics.  I just haven't found the right frames yet.  I'm too picky!

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