Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Office Revamp...

I am still working on getting the pegboard ready to go. My mom came over and helped me organize and straighten some things up. It was much much needed. I have trouble seeing what needs to be done when I see the mess every day.

Her helping me on a few things turned in to me moving a few things around and going through lots of papers and little junk that has needed to be thrown away for a LONG time!  So thanks mom=)

It feels so good to get stuff like that done.

I got my zippers in for my pillows so I am SOOO excited to get to finishing up some of those!  I still have lots of work to do though. I am planning on having my site up and ready to go by the end of summer!!  I can't even wait.  I have LOTs of sewing, designing, and number crunching to do until then.

I just wanted to get my sewing area organized and how I like it before I go full force on the pillows.  Sometimes messes just make me get all unsettled and unfocused. I need cleanliness in order to get things done.


Here are a few things I've been looking at to help get my space feeling like a real sewing center!

This desk found at Crate and Barrel ( in white)...

Justin and my brother are going to make it for me this weekend if all goes well!  I'm so excited! It will be so nice to have more room to work with.

I was looking for a fun rolly chair too, so I can easily move back and forth from my new serger to my sewing machine...since I'll be using both regularly.  I saw this one on amazon and loved it. I've never quite seen a chair like it.

Justin was looking for a chair too since he works from home.  He has been sitting on an exercise ball for the past year. I don't know how he's done that for 8 hrs a day...but he liked it for a time.   Anyway, he ordered this one for himself... and got me the one I liked too!  He's such a sweet guy...  I'm excited!

So there you have it.  Lots of home office changes for us coming up. I think they will really be nice. I'm looking forward to some organization and some nice seating!

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