Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Wedding Pics

Here are the last pics I'll share with you from the Beautiful wedding.  I loved so many parts about it. There were so many creative people and ideas everywhere.  The most important thing is that they got married and are happy=)

Here is the Sanctuary.  It turned out really fun with a canopy of fabric strips and hanging paper firecrackers.  My two sister sang a duet in the wedding. I wish I had it recorded and I would play it for you!  It was the most beautiful song I have ever heard. ( Not that I'm biased or anything) ...

Whimsical streamers made by family of bride.

The groom's boutonniere that I had the honor of making.

Some of the flowers at the reception.

And I just have to put this pic on here.  Is this not the dreamiest, sweetest picture you've ever seen.  This is one GORGEOUS bride!

Hope you enjoyed these images by Janae Hardy as much as I did!  She is so talented.

Have a great day!

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