Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pillow Fest

So like I've told you before, I have had the honor of working with Sharon Taylor of Sharon Taylor Designs.   She recently opened her own shop (Pickwick House) on a cute little street near downtown Springfield.  I've been making lots of things for her shop.  I've never made so many pillows in my life!  I'm loving it though, and learning lots.  Check out her shop...there's lots of great stuff!  I am so inspired by her style.

Here are some pics of some of the pillows I've made so far.

Have a great Thursday.  Thanks for stopping by...


  1. Oh my goodness! They are all so much fun. I can't wait to check out the store next time I'm in town!

  2. I want all of those pillows! Love them! And your new blog layout is incredible!

    I am trying to get a few dolls piled up to have enough to open an etsy shop, but in the meantime my only contact information about the dolls is an e-mail address and a phone number. 234-9526

  3. AHHHHH Kendra...these are so yummy! I love them all! Great job!