Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Last Patio Pics

As I've been saying, we have been looking for a house to buy and I think we may have found one!  I'll let you know when we find out for sure.   We are so truly blessed to have been able to live here for the past few years.  We love this little farm house, but are looking forward to having our own place.  I wanted to spruce up our front porch one last time before we left.  I will miss sitting out there watching the rain or the sunrise...or the cows=)   It is truly beautiful in the country! The house we found does have a nice back yard and there is a big open field beyond it. We're so hoping it works out.  So glad it's all in God's hands.  Here are some pics of our porch and some other cute things I came across.

I got this cute blue tin and pink flowers at walmart for about 6 bucks.  I thought that was pretty cheap for a pot too.  They have kept really nice so far!

Here are some things I wouldn't mind having on our porch.  Aren't the grills cute!

I hope you do find time to do this!  We were made for relationships. Enjoy them!  Have a great Thursday.,,,,,

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  1. So happy for you and Justin. I can't wait to see the home on your blog someday when it's all spruced up with your adorable ideas.