Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paper Wreath

Hey all. I hope you're ready to get a little messy with this fun project.  Messy as in paper everywhere!   I was unpacking some boxes today at work and really liked the shredded paper they used to pack in.  I got this random idea to make a wreath from it for Easter.  Here's what you need:

An old picture frame.
String (or wire would work great too).
Scrap Fabric (For flower embellishment)
Some shredded paper and lots of excitement!

First you need to cut some string big enough to wrap around your frame and tie in a knot (leave plenty extra to fit around the paper).

Next, grab a good handful of the shredded paper and pile it on the frame.  Tie string (or wrap wire) around to secure paper in place.

Continue this until you have covered the whole frame.

Next make some fabric flowers with your scrap fabric.  Simply cut out some big circles and sew some tucks in the center to create a 3-D look.  Mix several fabrics together for more dimension.  Add a button in the center.  Add to wreath using a safety pin.

Lastly, hang up and enjoy!

I hope you get to make one! I had lots of fun in my mess of paper...

And I hope you do have a good Easter. Lets not forget the real meaning!

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  1. I love how the paper reminds me of easter basket lining... you could hot glue plastic eggs on too :D