Friday, February 17, 2012

Swatches and Inks

I've been having lots of fun with this stage of the pillow process...pairing up the ink colors that I want with fabrics I have chosen.  There are SOOOO many options though!  I love having options, but it makes the decision making a little tough.  I brought home the ink swatch book from bigfish, where I will be getting lots of my designs printed. I'm so excited!

Here's my swatch board.  And there are lots more inks to choose from than what you see here.

 Justin has been such a big help and encouragement through it all.  We now have 2 designs that we are for sure going with. We've probably made 10 but that's what you have to do to get the cream of the crop=)

Oh...I also got two more pillow form sizes in the mail, the last ones I was waiting on . Now I can get the designs to the printer!  I have lots more to do...but it's coming along!

Hope you all have a great weekend.  We get to host an engagement party at our house this weekend.  I'm honored that we get to.  I'll share some decor ideas with you next week=)

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