Monday, November 14, 2011

Its Monday...

Some Mondays are hard for me.  I just have to wrap my mind around the weekend being over.  Anyone else have this problem?  I'd love for the weekends to be five days long and the week to be two.  But that's not life =)  I have to remember that I have lots to be thankful for though. 

I got lots done this weekend and had so much fun hanging out with people I love. We had a girl craft night at our house Saturday that was so much fun. The entire living room floor was covered in magazine cut-outs.  We made decoupage coasters.  You can get the tiles at Home Depot for 16 cents a tile.  A really cheap craft!

Here's the crazy mess we made. I'll share pics of the tiles soon.

Hope you have a good Monday...even though it's Monday=)

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