Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vintage Curtains

This week has just flown by!  After work today I went to Pickwick House to work on a guest blog photo shoot with Sharon Janae Hardy came to take the photos and we had lots of fun!  I'm excited to show you the pictures when we get them!  It should be up on Red Velvet's Blog soon.

After the shoot, I was heading home and decided to browse a local flea market for some inspiration.  I saw these curtains that I LOVE!  They were a linen fabric and the colors were just so fun!  I wasn't sure if they would be long enough for our dining room windows or not.  Aren't they cute though?!

Aren't the colors amazing!
I took some snapshots of a few more things that caught my eye too.

I loved these little bedside lamps.  And how fun would that peg board be in a craft room?  I love how you can take something so simple and cheap and make it so cute.

Love this cute retro plaid.

AND NOW>>> For the "WHAT AM I ?" REVEAL.......

 I got this great fabric print at a thrift store for $5!  I couldn't believe it was so cheap.

I love the signature at the bottom, it makes it feel like a real work of art.  I always feel like fabric IS art, but this one just really stands out.

Thanks for stopping By!  Hope you have a great Friday!


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  1. those are from ikea! lol - we have them in our playroom!