Sunday, May 1, 2011

Flour Tortillas and Chicken Fajitas

We havn't closed yet, but we found a house!  We are still going through all the final paperwork.  We are so excited and thankful and would like to thank Jake, our Realtor, for all he's done!

Since we are moving soon, we decided to try not to buy any more food until we do.  So we are having to be a little least for me it is!  I wanted to make Chicken Fajitas but we didn't have any taco shells, so I decided to make our own.  The recipe called for butter in the fridge.  SO...I just scraped some cream off of the top of the pitcher of farm milk and it worked out really well.  I'm sure many of you have done way more inventive things while cooking that that...I'd love to hear!  Please, give me some tips!

If you want to try making your own tortillas, here's the recipe.  It's So easy!

2 cups flour ( I used one cup of white and one cup of wheat)
1 tsp of salt
7/8 cups of water ( Or until dough is just moist)
2 Tbs butter melted ( This is where I replaced it with cream.  It turned out just fine)
*This makes about 4 big shells

Simply mix all ingredients together and roll out on floured counter.  Kneed dough until all loose crumbs are mixed in.  Divide into four balls.  Roll out with rolling pin until they are as thin as you like.  Heat up a pan on the stove and put a dab of oil in.  Fry the shells until golden brown on both sides. 

Simply cut strips of chicken, peppers, and onions up and fry in a skillet until cooked.  Put in your fajita seasoning and you're ready to go.

To serve, layer the chicken and veggie mixture, cheese and sour cream.  I put a little fresh cilantro on mine.  It gave it a really nice added flavor!

I hope you enjoy these too!  They are really quick and easy and the homemade tortilla shells make you feel like a true chef!  Oh, and have fun wrapping them up...they're a little messy!

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