Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitchen in Progress

We are still trying to get the main rooms painted in our new house so we can get things put away!  It's been kinda crazy around here for the last few days...a fun kind of crazy=)  I'm loving the projects. The more the better in my mind.

I love things that show immediate results.  Painting the Kitchen today did just that.  I'm not a fan of painting over wallpaper, but in this case we decided to.  We peeled back a portion and the wall was almost like cardboardy sheetrock? I don't think they prepped it right to begin with.  Painting over it is turning out lots better than I thought.  The seams look really good, you can't really even tell.

It's crazy how much more open and cheery it's already looking in there.  Thanks Mom for all your help...and Becky...and Justin...and Dad=). 

Wanted to share a few pics of the progress so far.

 The wallpaper is lovely huh?

Here's my mom working hard, yet again. 

We're going to paint the top wall section a light pistachio blue color. I'm excited to see it all finished!

Oh and we took out the chunky old island and put in this new wooden one (the one covered in junk!)  It really helped open up the place. 

Look forward to sharing more photos soon!


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