Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Party Decorating Tips

I came across this photo and just fell in love. The second I saw it I envisioned myself in it with some friends...wearing a summer dress, sipping on a little strawberry lemonade through one of those fun twirly straws and listening to some feel- good music...

Well I didn't exactly picture ALL of this immediately, but it's fun to set up a little scene. I think different photos of spaces give off different vibes. This one I like=)

Here's all you would need!

#1 ...  Some cute cut-outs from a magazine

#2 ... Some cute lights to hang up

#3 ... Paper decor; could be anything handmade; fringe, paper flowers, etc.

Here are some items I could see at this party from my little "scene" above...

Any of these cute summer dresses!

... Strawberry Lemonade and these straws!

Until next time...

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