Thursday, July 7, 2011

Organizing Crafts

I've been putting this room off for a month now!  I can't believe this has all been sitting in here like this for that long.  I just couldn't get motivated, but this past weekend I jumped in full force.  We started by going through boxes and trying to throw away all we could.  Then we went to Lowes and got this wire shelving unit.

Here's what the room looked like before.

Sad huh!

I have to do things to get me pumped up about organizing or else I get really overwhelmed.  So...I asked Justin if he would make me some simple labels for my bins so I would know exactly what needed to go where.  It was surprising to me how such a small thing really got me in the organizing mood!  I highly recommend LABELS!

Once I had these labels, I got to work sorting the hundreds of pieces of fabric I have collected over the years.

I remember wondering how my mom got all the tubs of fabric she had in I know!

Here's some more of the bins I sorted.

I'm so excited I know right where all my fabrics are now!  It will save me tons of time in the future, and hopefully I can keep them this way!

Here is one of my art supply baskets...

And the finished shelf.

 It's nothing too fancy, but It feels GREAT to have it in order finally!  The room isn't completely cleared out, but you can see a clean floor now!

Yay for organizing!

Hope this helped you a tidbit...

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  1. I have a room to rival your before pic! Love seeing the afters! Cute blog.