Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Peacock Summer Wedding: Post One

I had the privilege of helping a lovely friend (Justin's cousin) with her peacock-themed wedding reception.  It was great working with so many amazing people and seeing everyone pitch in and help so much.  I love being a part of not one, but two big families!

Thanks to my mom, dad, sisters, Sis-in Law, aunts and my dear Husband who did so so much (and took all these photos for me) !

Here are a few pics of the chocolate fountain table that some of the Aunts put together.  It turned out really fun!

There were so many yummy treats on this table!  It was irresistible!

I have lots more pics to share with you soon!

*Thanks to Sharon Taylor for props.

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  1. Yummy... Mouth watering caddies I am loving it.

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