Monday, January 30, 2012


I picked up these fabric swatches this past Friday for the new shop. I am going to be making pillows...and lots of them!  I'm so excited.  Justin and I are working on getting lots of fresh designs out.  He has been great with helping me and a really big encouragement.

Friday I felt like I accomplished lots. I have been doing lots of price shopping for items in bulk. Zippers, fabric, etc.  I actually made my mind up...which takes me a while...and ordered some pillow forms to see if they are what I'm going to go with.  I also did some research to see what I needed to do in terms of legally making my name my own. I bought my domain name and filled out a fictitious name form for the State of Missouri. I learned that if you have a business under any name under than your own name, you have to do case any of you are looking to start a business=)

I'm learning lots and have LOTS to learn...but I'm getting excited to start building up inventory!

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