Sunday, January 29, 2012

Headboard: Hammering in Tacks

My tacks came in the mail Saturday!  I wasn't expecting them until Monday so I was really excited!  Justin helped me hammer them in, which didn't take long at all and we were finished in no time!  It really was a pretty quick and easy project for such a big change!

I put a flat surface up against the outside edge of the headboard so that I had a guideline to go by when measuring how far in to make the tack line. I just measured three inches all the way around and made a mark with a pencil so I could keep the line straight.  It was a bit hard to keep it, I'm NOT a perfectionist, so you will probably do better=)

Here's the fabric I chose and us hammering in the tacks with our make-shift "rubber mallet." Just a few rubber bands and an old rag. ( ours had a hole in it by the make sure you don't care if it gets ruined)

I got this tack strip off of Amazon.  I read on susie's blog that it would be WAY easier to use a strip instead of hammering in one by one...THANK YOU FOR THAT ADVICE! It hardly took any time at all!  I was thinking as we were hammering that I would NOT have been very happy had I been hammering one by one!

It's not fastened to the wall yet...we just have it propped up over our old headboard..but I'm excited! It gives the room a bit more of a statement.  Thank you Mom and Justin and Sarah=)... for all your help.

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