Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DIY Headboard: Stapling the Foam

My Mom gave my a plaque this past Christmas that said I was entitled to her unlimited time of service to the project of my choice...BEST GIFT EVER!  She came over Monday and we went to work. Justin and I built the headboard frame over the weekend so it was ready to go.

The dimensions we used for our Queen Bed are:

5 ft. 4 wide, 3 ft. tall and 3 inches on each side.  If you know the dimensions when you go in to lowes for the main piece, they will cut it for you!  It saves lots of time.  

First things First:  Spray the foam to the wood with a spray adhesive so it won't slide around on you.  We kinda forgot this step and had to open the foam up as much as we could and spray the glue down in the already stapled batting...NOT FUN.  So...spray it first! really helps.

I bought this batting from Wal-Mart (had to get two):

It's just a big sheet of foam.  It worked GREAT though!  It was the perfect width to wrap around the sides and staple to the back.

We started at the top middle and worked our way to the corners.  If you clip the corners it helps for the foam to not be so bulky. Here's my sweet Momma working her magic=)

Then Staple the sides down:

Then you should have a big rectangular looking piece of foam:) Simple huh!

I'll keep you posted on the progress!  It has been a really fun project so far.  OH...and she helped me paint our bedroom too!  It looks completely different...from white to charcoal!

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