Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I hate wallpaper!

I am still trying to make myself go through our spare bedroom and get things put where they go.  I worked on it for hours today after work. I told myself that when I finished the boring part, I got to paint the walls as a reward.  I did finish it...with a little help from Justin.  After almost an hour of choosing the paint color,  I brought the paint home, and with much enthusiasm, began tearing down the wallpaper border. That enthusiasm ended quickly.

I often times think I can get a project done in an hour when it realistically takes five.  That happened tonight.  I started pulling and scraping, and by the time I THOUGHT I would be done with the whole room, I had only pulled of an eighth of one wall.  Ahhhh.  I just wanted to paint!  I guess the room will take me longer than I hoped, but at least I have a can of paint staring at me for motivation.  I am excited to see what the color turns out like .

I used these photos for inspiration.  Love the serene color of blue. I hope it turns out close to this color!  I have had some pretty rough times picking out paint...,

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  1. Ahh, I hate it, too! My border removal in our guest bedroom was MISERABLE...and messed up the wall SO badly. :( What made people think that was a good idea?! Good luck...and have fun painting!!