Monday, August 22, 2011


Sorry I went missing for a short bit. We just got back last night from a trip to Chicago with the fam.  It was so much fun.  We got to got to the Field Museum, the Navy Pier, Wrigley Field (to see the Cubs and Cardinals Game), eat some delicious pizza, and my favorite, IKEA!  I'm so excited I finally got to go.  I was teasing that all my dreams were going to come true and IKEA.  I think they did

...No, not really, but I did have lots of fun there and was very inspired by the way they set up their store and all the amazingly cute things they had on display.  They really do have some great prices too. I got a few things there that I'm really excited about. 

Still figuring out where to put them...I love that part!

This rug... (we havn't put one in our living room yet and this really helps make it feel a lot cozier.  It feels warmer...crazy what a rug will do)
These curtains...

This fun accent blanket...
And this pillow...kinda hard to see the true colors here, but it's really fun.

I'm excited to share some pics with you from our trip.  Our camera broke thought towards the end and we have to take it in to get it replaced before I can even get the pics it might be a bit.  Hope you had a great weekend though.  

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