Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fall is coming!

I'm so excited for fall.  I like summer, but fall has always been my favorite season.  I can't wait for that perfect temperature where you can wear a light sweatshirt with shorts.

I've been looking at ideas for patio furniture because ours is empty right now and I'd love to have a place to relax in the fall air.  I just told Justin I'd love to make some corner bench seating that we could put removable cushions/pillows on.

Here are a few pieces I like...

This first one is similar to the one I have in my head for our deck.  I think we could make it.  I really like the coffee table too.  Such a neat shape.

 These are just neat.  I know they wouldn't work on a deck, at least not ours, but I love the shapes.

 I love the colors in this one, and how it allows for everyone to see eachother.

 This is simple and fun.  We might just have to go with something like this.  I like cushions, but I don't know how they work outside with the rain. 

This set is sweet and simple too. 

Have a great Wednesday!,,,,,,

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