Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DIY Cork Board Walls: Post Two

Now that you have your cork cut, you are ready to insert it into the frames you have gathered. Next, simply arrange on the wall.

Thanks to Katie, I only put a few holes in the wall while deciding on where to place my frames.
She had a great tip for hanging art on your walls.  Just cut out paper templates of the general shape of your frame and arrange them on the wall where you like.  This way, you can re-arrange as many times as you need to without putting lots and lots of holes in your wall!  I loved it.  So I gave it a try. 

Here are my templates...

Once I figured out where I wanted to place my frames on the wall, I just took one template off at a time and started hanging up my frames.

It's as simple as that!

Have a wonderful Day.


  1. Great idea! I think I'll try this for my sewing room too. Thanks!

  2. SOOOO fun and CUTE!! Thanks!

  3. Love your ideas...o so talented. Thanks for your creativeness that spreads to our lives. Cheesy sorry.

  4. Love that idea! I love clusters of these cork boards! :) You should totally enter this project into Craftbaby's DIY a Corkboard Challenge! :) http://www.craftbaby.com/contests/20/diy-a-cork-board