Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Crazy Fabric Store

I went to one of my favorite fabric stores in town the other day...FM.  It is so crazy every time I go in there.  The parking lot is usually packed and I have to park way far down the row...which is actually still really close because it's a tiny lot =)  Sometimes I wait for a close spot and then realize how dumb that is when I would only be gaining like 10 feet.  Ha.

Anyway, it's always so packed in there. It has been more and more lately too.  It's a really fun fabric store thought brimming with fabric wall to wall floor to ceiling. I kinda love organized messy.  It makes me feel at home.

They are really nice and helpful too.  I was in there for probably an hour and a half deciding exactly how much of each fabric to give me the least amount of waste per pillow.  Joanne helped me and I can't tell you how sweet she was. She made me way less stressed about it.  Thanks Joanne!  I'll be back and I hope you are there!

I picked these out for starters.  I'm SOOOO excited to get them printed!  I found one piece that I just love but they only had one little panel left.  I guess I'll have to have some get 'em while you can pillows.

 This one on top is my favorite.  It is one that I just bought on a whim and wish they had lots and lots more of it.  The texture is amazing and I think it will look so neat with a screen printed design!

I actually put the first batch of my pillows in the schedule too at Bigfish Screenprinting (also where I work).  I feel like it's all real's not just an idea anymore!  It's really happening!

It might seem small and silly, but it's been my dream for so long to have my own little shop and it's really fun to see a dream start to come true. Thanks to my sweet husband for helping encourage me=)

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