Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tiny Magnets

I love tiny little things. I have a few tee tiny magnets that just put a smile on my that weird?  One is a tiny little carton of eggs.  It is very special to me because my Grandma sent it to me in the mail a few years ago.  She sent it with a sweet little note telling me the story of how she came to own the little magnet herself.

She told me that she gave me a dollar when I was little and I wanted to buy her something with what better item than a tee tiny carton of eggs?  I don't remember doing that at all, but I do know that I always loved Grandmas magnets. She had some really fun, unique ones.  I am so happy to hang the same eggs on my fridge now=)  Thanks Grandma=)

The birds don't have a story to go with...just couldn't resist them in the store.  They are so so little.  About the size of a marble.  Seriously...tiny. I love the detail for such tiny little things.

Ahhh...the little things in life (...hehe)

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