Thursday, September 15, 2011

So it begins...

I've had enough.  I realize that I make excuses for myself.  A lot.  I'm sure my husband would probably agree with me.  He is so patient with me though.  I decided that I don't know what I'm waiting on.  I can either be sad for myself and mope about not having a cute little storefront, or a booming online shop...OR, I can just work towards it!

Here's the fabric I bought to start working on a new dress.

I overcame some pretty big obstacles for myself.  They might seem minor, but they are big for me.  I'm sure some of you can relate...

Obstacle #1 - BUY A PATTERN 

What I normally think:  I hate using patterns! I always have. I feel like they take way too much time and aren't unique enough. I can just make something on my own...

What I thought today:  I think I like patterns!  Still not a fan of cutting all the pieces out, but once you do, you know exactly what goes where...and you don't end up with one of those "oh no...I thought that would turn out different" moments.

Obstacle #2 - READ THE PATTERN

What I normally think:  I don't need to read the pattern, I can just look at the pictures and figure it out on my own.  ( I'm sounding a bit ultra confident in my sewing abilities...)

What I thought today:  I don't like reading all these words, but I know I can learn a lot more than I know now if I can just stick to it.  I might have to google a few sewing terms...I guess I don't know as much as I thought I did!

Obstacle #3 - USE PINS!!!!

What I normally think:  I don't need pins! I'll just be really careful while I'm cutting.  If I get off a little bit, I'll just adjust when I'm sewing.

( I really am a mess!)

What I thought today: I like pinning! It only takes a couple more minutes and the lines are so precise!  I know that all my pieces will line up correctly!

So, I learned today that I don't have it all together in the sewing department (or any).  I have LOTS AND LOTS more to learn.  It's an exciting thing to want to learn more.  I think I've been in a learning funk for a while now.  I'm looking forward to jumping back in.


  1. this so funny! I feel the same way (a lot of times).. :)) but when i start, later it's all ok.. :)))

    when will you show a dress?

  2. I definitely wish that patterns came pre-cut in any size you wanted... that would be great. :)

    I can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. Thanks girls...I agree. I'll be posting progress of the dresses in the next few weeks.