Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yet Another Clean-Up

So like I've said before...I can never keep my sewing room clean!  I can't blame it on not having enough space.  I'm sure if I had all the space in the world I would still find a way to make it look like the room just blew up!  I have been trying to do better lately.

I spent an entire day on attempting to make places for things.  We are moving soon, so we aren't doing anything major in the way of re-vamping, but I tried my best.  Here are a few pics of the little nook in my sewing room that loves to collect things.  We'll see how long I can keep it this way!

Had fun re-furbishing this dresser that was given to us by Justin's cousin Carissa. 

Fun story...I wanted to polish up the hardware but wasn't sure how.  I went in to the local hardware store and the sweet clerk told me that Brass-0 would be best.  An elderly man in the next isle heard her and popped his head up saying, "United States Navy.  Shined my belt buckle every day for 20 years...Brass-0 is the thing."  They were both so nice.

...And now I will tell you...Brass-0 is the thing to use!  Here's a little before-after.

Crazy huh!

 I was saving these urban outfitters rugs for our new house but I figured a clean nook deserved something fun.


Here's the chair that I re-vamped with the help of my sister-in-law Becky. Thanks Becky!  I'll get the before pics on soon too!


  1. You're on a blog roll this week! Get it? A blogroll??

    I kill me.

  2. Very nice! It looks so adorable. Probably the best that little farm house has looked in... well... ever :)

  3. Kendra! You are just amazing!! I cannot get over that chair. I'm so glad you took hold of it. AND, the dresser. Too sweet. I LOVE this.