Monday, February 7, 2011

Old Treasures Re-Vamped

I have always loved revamping old things, whether it be clothes, decor or furniture.  I guess I've re-discovered that by having to be inventive if I want unique furniture in our home.  I've also had the opportunity to work with Sharon Taylor of  She's opening an adorable little shop this month featuring re-vamped furniture and decor.  I have learned lots through working with her.

My mom is a very talented Woman who knows how to do just about anything.  She's taught me lots and I have loved working with her on a few projects of my own lately.  Thanks mom! My sister in law helped too...thanks Becky=)  Becky also re-vamped an amazing couch.  She transformed it into the most beautiful piece of furniture.  I'll try and get pics from her.   I don't have pictures of the chairs that we recovered yet.  I'm saving them for our new house.  I'll post them as soon as we move! 

Here are a few pieces of furniture that someone put lots of love into.  The first few are before and afters.  Thought they might inspire you like they did me.

         ...LOVE the simple shelf.  Crazy what a cute print will do

        ...wouldn't this cute vintage floral be so neat on this gold chair?

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