Friday, July 30, 2010

Ahhh decorating...

For some reason, I've been getting decorating fever again.  I get excited about buying a house someday and getting fun furniture and accessories.  Too bad all of that takes money!  It's fun to look until then.  Here are a few things I like from Urban Outfitters.

Cutest laundry bag ever...


  1. Hello there :) I saw your dresses in the Red Velvet shop & they are so pretty! I really like the reversible one! & while I am not in a position to buy one right now I just wanted to leave a note for you say you are neat! & I used to live in Spfd, MO (I went to college in Bolivar)

  2. Awww thanks a ton Jenn. That is so encouraging! I'm so excited about having the chance to sell them on Red Velvet. Did you go to SBU?

  3. I did go to SBU! Graduated Winter of 03. I miss it lots (well the college life, haha) I just saw some more of your dresses, SOOO cute!