Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fab Chalk Bag

Hey Friends...

Here is a fun, QUICK, project for you! Seriously...this took me fifteen minutes from start to finish. I know lots of you probably have a chalk board at home. I thought we all needed a cute bag to store our chalk in since it can get pretty messy. Follow these easy steps to make your own!

Here's what you'll need:

A sewing machine
One 17 1/2 inch X 7 1/2 inch piece of fabric
One 34 inch X 3 inch piece of fabric (Or you can just use a piece of ribbon or rope)  Scissors

Have fun with the fabrics.  Don't be afraid to use fabrics you may not think match...the bolder the better. Also, you can make yours as big or small as you like.

Lets Get Started...

Step One:  Take your 17 1/2 X 7 1/2 piece of fabric.  On the longer sides, fold the fabric twice so that you have a skinny finished edge all the way down.  Sew both sides this way.

Step two:  At top of fabric, roll fabric twice to make a finished casing for your drawstring to go through. (about one inch wide) Repeat on bottom edge.

Step Three:  Fold fabric in half with wrong side of fabric touching (will be on inside). Sew side seams together with zig-zag stitch.  STOP when you reach your casing!

Step Four:  Take your 34 X 3 inch piece of fabric and fold in half longways (with good sides of fabric touching) Sew along raw edge of fabric to make drawstring. To Flip, pin a safety pin through one layer of casing and flip inside itself.  Do this until the pin comes out the other end.

Step Five:  Leave safety pin on string and use it to push through casing of bag.

And there you are! You're very own chalk bag.

If you want, you can leave your string hanging out one side like shown here.  You can also cut the string in half and have two seperate strings coming straight out of both casings (shown below) Fun both ways!


 I hope you have/had fun making this!  Have a Lovely day!

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  1. love this Kendra! Great Idea. I want to buy one since I'm always losing my chalk or it ends up in the bottom of my purse!